Thursday, March 24, 2011

Street Pharm Blog

In the book Street Pharm by Allison van Diepen, some things have to be done to make Ty, the main character, change his lifestyle around.
In the book Street Pharm by Allison van Diepen, the main character Ty live a very unique life.  Let just say hes a drug dealer and it runs in the family.  Ty started out by helping his dad with the business untill he dad got locked up.  A good friend of Tys dad, Sonny, is his right hand man.  He trys to do deals on his own a lot and it doesnt go his way.  Alyse, Tys lover, wants to be a prosecuter against the bad guys.  Ty isnt to happy about that.  Tys mom knows what he is doing but she doesnt want to believe it.
Ty starts out in high school where he skips and fail multiple classes.  He gets kicked out and has to go to an alternative school where he does the same thing but they are a little more leanient about it.  He thinks he got the best life because he make loads off money easy.  Throughout the book things go fine for him until his man Sonny go brutally shot because he was doing a deal by himself.  Ty thinks he knows the guys that killed his friend, hes not a killer though, so he gets together with them and lets them do a deal while he calls the cops and goes against them.  The cops come bust the guys and Ty is a happier man.  But then back to his girl Alyse,  turns out she tells him that he has a kid and Ty isnt so sure about that.  Ty attempts a drug deal that doesnt exactly go well.  So Ty starts thinking about where it will get him in life.  He then decides that hes done with what he is doing.  He goes to the jail where his dad is and tell him about Sonny and that he is done, his father wasnt to happy. 
In the End...
Ty doesnt care what his father thinks so he goes and lives a happy life with Alyse.  She gets the prosecuter job.  Ty and he son become very good friend as if he was his father.  Ty finishes with his schooling and then starts filling out some job applications. 
I would recommend this book to the people who dislike reading a lot.  It may sound wierd but its true, i hate reading but i couldnt stop reading this book.
Author, WHAT!?
Allison van Diepen is a school teacher and author of multiple books.  She teaches french as her main course.  An interesting fact about her is that she was hired to take a fake bomb on a plane to test the security of the plane.  She moved to New York in August of 2001.  She was born on
Street Pharm was published in 2006 by Simon Pulse.  The book was written by Allison van Diepen.  She is a teen book author.  The book was about a Drug dealer who cant make his ways through life without changing.  The thing that I like about the book is that there were so many parts in the book that were exciting that it kept me reading.  I disliked the book because it was a bit of a cliffhanger.  I recommend this book to anyone who doesnt like to read!
3 Questions
What was the main theme of the book?
-The theme of the book was a present day lifestyle of a young drug dealer.
What is the character development?
-The main development of the characters was that Ty had found out that drug dealing would get him no where in life. He also gains more common sense throughout the book.
What is the novel analysis?
The analysis of this book is that ty starts out a bad kid who doesnt care about his life, mom, or school.  Then something like sonny getting shot has to happent ot get him to relize that what he is doing is not right.